Thorp, WI

Rustic Resale & Consignment - Used Goods | Thorp, WI
Rustic Resale & Consignment - Used Goods | Thorp, WI
Antique baby stroller

Valuable antiques at amazing prices!

The largest collection of affordable antiques around!

You will find all sorts of treasures at Rustic Resale & Consignment! Stop by 301 N. Washington Street to peruse our aisles for anything from vintage dishware to classic military memorabilia and more. Looking for back-to-school clothes for the kids or maybe a new purse for yourself? You will be amazed at what you find here!

Unique antiques for all collectors

  • Dishware (Depression, Hull, Noritake)

  • Vintage tools and hardware

  • Antique jewelry and toys

  • Postcards

  • Military memorabilia

  • Wood boxes

  • Bottles

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Make $$$ selling your antiques!

Help yourself and your neighbor by selling those old antiques that you no longer need. With over 400 people collecting $$$ on their consignments, you can make quick cash and help keep landfills empty! Call Rustic Resale & Consignment at 715-669-5097 for more information about selling your antiques.

“I LOVE doing here. I ALWAYS find something I need or want. The people that there are very nice!”

- Jessica M., from Facebook

Call to learn about this week's color tag sales on antiques!

In addition to all the FREE smiles you will get at Rustic Resale & Consignment, we always offer two color tag sales equaling even more savings than usual!