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Rustic Resale & Consignment - Used Goods | Thorp, WI
Rustic Resale & Consignment - Used Goods | Thorp, WI

Get lost in a book at Rustic Resale!

Indulge your inner bookworm with our huge book selection!

Keep your mind sharp with a new, used book from Rustic Resale & Consignment! Stop by 301 N. Washington Street to peruse our wide selection of every genre, from children's books to self-help. You can even browse through our ever-changing selection of LP records!

Genres for all book lovers

  • Romance

  • Westerns

  • Hardcovers

  • Cookbooks

  • Home and travel

  • Self-help

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“I love this store. You never know what you will find!”

- Lisa S., from Facebook

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Feel free to ask our friendly team for book recommendations! We want you to have fun when you come to Rustic Resale and we're happy to help you find anything you are looking for.

  • Craft

  • Children's

  • Religious

  • Mystery and fiction

  • Comic books

  • LP records