Thorp, WI

Rustic Resale & Consignment - Used Goods | Thorp, WI
Rustic Resale & Consignment - Used Goods | Thorp, WI

Revamp your home with affordable new home goods!

Everything you need for your home and kitchen in one place!

You'll find everything you need from knick-knacks to high-end kitchen equipment at the largest consignment shop in Northwestern Wisconsin, Rustic Resale & Consignment! Located at 301 N. Washington Street, you won't believe the incredible deals and huge inventory of kitchen and home goods that rotates frequently.

Hundreds of kitchen and household items

  • Glassware

  • Cookie cutters and cookie jars

  • Dishware

  • Baking items

  • Pots and pans

  • Kitchen gadgets

  • Teapots

Call us today if you have any questions.

Sell your old kitchen and home goods

Whether you are moving, redecorating or just need to clean out some old stuff, why not let someone else get good use out of your used goods and make $$$ at the same time? Call Rustic Resale & Consignment at 715-669-5097 to learn more about selling your home items!

"It's the best resale shop around!"

- Sheri N., from Facebook

Call with any questions about our home and kitchen items!

You'll find great deals every day at Rustic Resale! In addition to the great prices available, we offer two different color tag sales every week for even more savings.

  • Drinking pitchers

  • Salt and pepper shakers

  • Knick knacks

  • Candles

  • Picture frames

  • Vases

  • Religious decor