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Rustic Resale & Consignment - Used Goods | Thorp, WI
Rustic Resale & Consignment - Used Goods | Thorp, WI

Designer purses at bargain prices!

Brand name purses at prices you won't believe!

Find purses and jewelry for every occasion at Rustic Resale & Consignment! Whatever your budget, you will find the perfect accessories for any outfit. Need a new outfit to go with your accessories? You can check out our Ladies and Juniors section as well! Stop by 301 N. Washington Street to start shopping and saving today.

Purses and jewelry for all occasions

Drop by Rustic Resale & Consignment.

Is it time to trade in your purse? Make $$$ doing it!

Your tastes change over time, but that's no reason not to let someone else get good use out of the gently used purse or jewelry. Call Rustic Resale & Consignment at 715-669-5097 to learn how you can make $$$ selling your gently used items!

“Lots of up-to-date fashions and reasonably priced. She has good sales, too. The purses were to die for!”

- Kim N., from Facebook

Call to learn about selling your old purse on consignment!

You'll find amazing deals every day, including weekly color tag DISCOUNTS! You can't afford not to stop by Rustic Resale at 301 N. Washington Street.

  • Costume bracelets, necklaces, and earrings

  • Jewelry with bling

  • High-end jewelry

  • Body jewelry

  • Rings galore

  • Every purse from Walmart to Coach

  • Makowsky, Miche, Coach

  • Leather purses

  • Purses with bling

  • Vintage necklaces and earrings